Phoenix Digital is a boutique agency that provides clients with a perfect blend across all aspects of digital. We simplify the process whilst opening your eyes to the endless possibilities, that having an online presence can bring to your business.

The agency was started by Lynda Phoenix, a well known and respected name in the industry. She was involved in the digital content revolution in the late 1990s after setting up and managing the UK’s first specialist music platform. She became Defected Record’s first digital expert and left in 2013 to start her own agency.

Our clients come from a wide range of industries such as music, festivals, corporate events, yoga & wellbeing, technology start up’s, social enterprises, artist management, specialist travel, and premium drink brands. We have a passion for pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved digitally – with an equal focus on innovation and commercial common sense.

We provide a perfect blend of Digital Marketing | Social Media Channel Management | Target advertising | Digital Music consultancy | Event marketing | Video monetisation | Digital web and app design | Ecommerce | Startup and small business consultancy | Creative online content | Video and photography | Business development and strategy | Digital training | SEO and data analysis

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